Licensed Psychologist Licensed Psychological Associate

Number of North Carolina
licensees as of 2/14/2023

3,120 and
35 LP (provisional)
Minimum Education Doctoral Degree. Master’s Degree or Specialist Degree.
Course Content At least three academic years of full-time graduate study, two of which are at the instituion granting the degree, and one year of which is in residence. One year = 30 semester hours. Minimum 60 semester hours of graduate study in standard psychology courses, exclusive of credits for internship or practicum and thesis or dissertation. Minimum three semester hours of coursework in four specified content areas. At least 45 semester hours of graduate study in standard psychology courses. No more than six semester hours credited for supervised training, no more than six semester hours for thesis or disserta6on. No minimum requirements for semester hours in specified content areas.
Internship & Related Field Experience Practicum training during doctoral training must be planned, directed, and integrated into the doctoral health service psychology program demonstrating profession-wide competencies. Practicum hours commonly exceed 800 hours. Minimum 12 weeks consisting of at least 500 hours of supervised training. Supervised training experience listed on transcript, planned, directed & integrated, approved in advance, under direction of licensed or certified psychologist.
Acceptable, Appropriate Supervised Experience after Degree At least two years (3000 hours) of supervised practice, at least one calendar year of which is postdoctoral. n/a; supervision by Licensed Psychologist required.
Passing Score on National Examination (EPPP) 500 (scores range from 200 to 800; scaled score of 500 is equivalent to 70% correct). A score of 500 is considered to be represent minimal competence for entry level practice. 440
Source: Email from Dan Collins 2/14/23 NCGS 90-270.145(a) 21 NCAC 54 .1803, .1901 & .2009 3918.1.1.64
Email from Dan Collins 2/14/23 NCGS 90-270.145(b) 21 NCAC 54 .1802 & .1901 & .2006