NCPA Division of Independent Professional Practice

The Division of Independent Professional Practice (DIPP) is a distinct organization within the structure of NCPA. Since its inception the Division has worked cooperatively with NCPA in support of its overall goals and functions. The Division also has its own area of focus which is the promotion and enhancement the professional practice of psychology in both private and public settings.

Professional practice involves the application of psychological principles and procedures in the service of assisting clients in achieving personal emotional health. Members of the Division share a belief that emotional health is a major element in family and vocational life, interpersonal relationships, and overall personal well-being. These professional practitioner members are committed to continuing education and the combination of well supported interventions with innovative strategies in the service of client growth.

All members of NCPA who are licensed psychologists or licensed psychological associates are eligible to join the Division. The funds generated by membership fees are used to support the overall efforts of NCPA and to provide for the other major activities of the Division which center on the complementary areas of advocacy and education. Advocacy includes monitoring legal, legislative, and fiscal issues and providing input as appropriate to influence policies across the state. Education activities include workshops and publications to help psychologists maintain current knowledge on issues of importance.

The Division publishes an annual Directory listing the names and location information for all members as well as additional information as to special interest and skill areas. This Directory has become one of the most widely used reference works for psychologists, other health practitioners, third party payers, and agencies. It is used statewide and nationally and serves as a model for other similar organizations across the country.

The 400 psychologist members of the Division of Professional Practice make commitments of time, energy, and money to help clients and colleagues maintain and enhance access to professional psychology resources.

Applicants for Division membership must, at minimum, meet BOTH of the following criteria:
1) Be Licensed in North Carolina
2) Be a Current Member of NCPA

2019 – 2020 DIPP Board of Directors