NCPA Opposes Anti-Trans Legislation and Lobbies for the Federal Equality Act

The North Carolina General Assembly has introduced three pieces of anti-transgender legislation during the current session: 

HB 358 Save Women’s Sports Act
Legislation that would limit full participation of all students in athletics programs or activities.

SB 515 Health Care Heroes Conscience Protection Act
Legislation that allows any medical provider, broadly defined as “any person or individual who may be or is asked to participate in a health care service in the normal course of employment,” to refuse care on the basis of conscience, including providing information or referrals.” SB 515 would also allow health care organizations and health care payers to refuse care based on claims of conscience. 

SB 514 Youth Health Protection Act
Legislation that would prevent transgender people under the age of 21 from receiving essential medical and mental health care and penalizes providers who deliver transition-related care.  

Please click below to read NCPA’s opposition statements for each bill.

Statement on HB 358 Save Women’s Sports Act

Statement on SB 514 Youth Health Protection Act

Statement on SB 515 Health Care Heroes Conscience Protection Act

According to The News & Observer, the North Carolina General Assembly Senate leaders indicated that there is “no path forward” for SB 514.

NCPA appreciates its dedicated members and staff who worked tirelessly to craft the language for the opposition statements: Blanka Angyal, EdS, MA, MEd; Brittany Bate, PhD; Mary Evers, PhD; Jason Herndon, PhD; Susan Hill, PhD; Nancy Laney, PhD (NCPA 2020-21 President); Jan Mooney, MA; Dick Rumer, PhD; Holly Savoy, PhD; Erica Wise, PhD; and, Martha Turner-Quest (Executive Director).

Equality Act

NCPA joined a national effort with the American Psychological Associaiton  to lobby for the Equality Act, federal legislation that includes explicit protections for LGBTQ+ citizens, as well as improving protections for women, people of color, and people of all faiths.  NCPA members, Dr. Annette Baker, Dr. Sue Orenstein, and Ms. Jan Mooney along with Executive Director, Martha Turner-Quest joined 20 other North Carolinians who met with Senator Richard Burr. Dr. Baker eloquently spoke about the damaging effects of anxiety and depression within the LGBTQ+ community.

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