Why Should You Join NCPA? 

The North Carolina Psychological Association (NCPA) is the psychologist's go-to resource for professional development, consultation, and peer support.  Examples include: 

  • Facilitating contacts with the professional community of psychologists across NC
  • Providing a platform for communication between members via listservs
  • Providing continuing education opportunities (at a reduced cost!) that meet the requirements for the NC Psychology Board – including full- and half-day conferences and Lunchtime Learning hours
  • Offering consultations for ethical and legal questions 
  • Offering support to psychologists through the Colleague Assistance Committee
  • Communicating with psychologists on NCPA issues via the Association Matters email blast (this includes updates to issues related to insurance companies and lobbying)
  • Keeping NC psychologists in touch with news from the NC Psychology Board
  • Monitoring NC State government regarding issues affecting psychology and mental health (and helping to facilitate lobbying efforts)
  • Advocating on behalf of psychology with NC state government
  • Advocating on behalf of psychologists with public and private insurance companies and keeping members abreast of concerns
  • Providing a pathway for involvement at the State level via relevant committees
  • Providing opportunities for psychologist to “give back” to psychology at the State level


Join NCPA Today!