Lunchtime Learning Series

The Lunchtime Learning series is held every third Thursday of the month from noon to 1pm. 

Earn 1.0 CE credit for each live webinar you attend!

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Three Fridays in July Virtual Series

July 12 at Noon - 1 Hour of Ethics Credit
Refreshing Our Confidence for the Ethics Refresher
­­­­­with Susan Hurt, PhD, and Katy Brody Nooner, PhD, ABPP

Our last renewal period introduced the Ethics Refresher, now a required component of licensing for North Carolina psychologists. This one-hour continuing education course provides insights from statewide experiences and offers practical tips and pointers to support your upcoming license renewal in the Fall of 2024. The session will include both high and low success rates in key areas of ethical concern drawn from recent completion statistics. Join us to aid your upcoming completion of the North Carolina Ethics Refresher to facilitate license renewal in 2024.

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July 19 at Noon - 1 Hour of Ethics Credit
Navigating the Ethical Landscape: Leveraging A.I. in Clinical Practice
­­­­­with Jessica Jackson, PhD

This presentation delves into the ethical considerations inherent in harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) within clinical practice, exploring its transformative potential and ethical challenges.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect:
● Understanding A.I. in Clinical Practice: We examine what AI looks like in the context of clinical practice, highlighting its role in augmenting human intelligence and enabling data-driven insights into human behavior.
● Addressing Bias: The presentation emphasizes the importance of addressing bias in AI tools, ensuring fairness and equity in clinical decision-making processes.
● Informed Consent: We discuss the critical aspect of informed consent when utilizing AI-supported tools, emphasizing the need for transparency and patient autonomy.
● Ethical Responsibilities vs. Challenges: Exploring the nuanced ethical landscape, we navigate the balance between ethical responsibilities and the challenges posed by AI integration, advocating for thoughtful consideration in decision-making.
● Continued Dialogue: AI is a dynamic field, and ethical considerations evolve alongside technological advancements. We stress the importance of ongoing dialogue and adaptation to ensure ethical AI implementation.

Through practical examples, such as early detection of developmental delays and overcoming geographical barriers to accessibility, we illustrate the tangible benefits of AI in clinical contexts. Ultimately, this presentation encourages a thoughtful embrace of AI's potential to revolutionize behavioral analysis and clinical interventions while upholding ethical principles and maintaining a humancentric approach.

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July 26 at Noon - 1 Hour
Health Care Financing for Behavioral Health: New Codes, Advocacy Efforts, and the Future with Stephen R. Gillaspy, PhD

Dr. Gillaspy will discuss the value of psychologists' engagement in CMS advocacy and recent outcomes. He will also discuss the relationship between state and federal advocacy regarding health care financing. There will also be discussion of new CPT codes for 2024. Lastly, he will discuss current issues around reimbursement for behavioral health services and access to care.

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September 13 and 14, 2024
Virtual Fall Conference 

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Schema Therapy Training & Certificate September through November 2024