The Advocacy and Practice Committee (APC) is a home for NCPA members interested in working on specific advocacy/practice projects and/or monitoring and reporting on specific practice areas.  The APC welcomes both short-term and long-term members and meets every two months 9-11 AM on the third Friday of the month.  The goals of the APC are:

1. To support and enhance the practice of professional psychology in both private and public settings.  (“Practice” is inclusive of all psychology members, including those in the public sector, health systems, private practice, and academia.)

2. To advocate for the profession of psychology and promote mental health services delivery through monitoring legal, legislative, and fiscal issues and providing input as appropriate to influence policies across the state.

3. To promote the reimbursement of psychologists under health insurance programs through meetings with representatives of the insurance industry and with purchasers of insurance, while supporting mental health parity in healthcare.

4. To develop and maintain liaison with the major insurance companies and other third-party payers for psychological services in North Carolina so that inquiries by both providers and payers can be expedited. 

5. To develop informational material and support continuing education for psychologists, including workshops and publications to help psychologists maintain current knowledge on issues of importance.

6. To represent NCPA in collaboration with other mental health associations which address practice, insurance issues, and mental health advocacy (e.g., Joint Insurance Committee).

APC Chair:

Karen Kirk, PhD - Email Dr. Kirk 

Please contact the Chair if you are interested in learning more about the APC- we welcome new members!

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