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Previous Lectures

Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones
"Managing Climate Anxiety"



While COVID did not create climate anxiety, it certainly heightened concern about the environment for many people. This presentation will discuss some of the real mental health issues that have resulted from climate change, and some practical ways to both cope and make an impact on the environment.


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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Annette Perot 
"Loving Someone With Hoarding Disorder"

Hoarding disorder not only affects those with this complex condition, but their loved ones as well.  Many people with hoarding disorder have difficulty recognizing or acknowledging their hoarding issues, or are reluctant to engage in treatment, leaving loved ones feeling frustrated and discouraged. Join me as I share information about hoarding disorder and its impacts on loved ones, tips for self-care, and strategies that can be effective in improving hoarding situations.

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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Jennifer Franklin
"Regulate the Nervous System and Heal the Gut (Body)"

The talk offers a solid overview of how to work with, not against, your nervous system to promote healing of the gut and body. For patients with IBS, cyclic vomiting syndrome, chronic dyspepsia, chronic constipation, and other digestive or even non-digestive psychophysiologic disorders/chronic pain, Dr. Franklin offers an overview of how to work psychotherapeuticly to help your gut and body to heal

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