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Ask a Psychologist Panel:
My Top Ten Tips About Mental Health

July 11, 2024 at 6pm

On Thurs July 11th, we will be host a LIVE Ask a Psychologist Panel at Dix Park in Raleigh titled, My Top Ten Tips About Mental Health. Three Licensed Psychologists will each share their top ten favorite tips about managing key elements related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. Areas covered will include coping, communication, and resilience. Following brief presentations by Drs. Tonya Armstrong, Cynthia Sortisio, and Sandra Wartski, the panel will engage in Q&A with participants.

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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Roy Hamilton:
It's scary to talk to my medical provider about sex stuff 

July 24, 2024 at Noon

People who engage in outsider sex often leave out information about their sex. life when talking to mental health and medical professionals. They do this because they do not want their sex practices to be used against them, or have it used to diagnose them.


Attendees will learn:

  • Why many in the medical profession have preconceived ideas about people who engage in alternate sex practices.    
  • Where those ideas came from.
  • Data about the prevalence of alt sex practices.
  • How to tell the difference between BDSM and abuse.
  • Ways to communicate with your therapist or doctor.
  • Resources for finding help if needed.

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Previous Lectures

Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Kristen Wynns:
Laugh with a Psychologist: The Healing Power of Humor

May 6, 2024 at Noon

We all know the expression “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” But most of us don’t recognize the true power of laughter to transform one’s life. There is much research to suggest laughter is linked to improved physical health, mental health, and social relationships. Laughter decreases our stress hormones and improves our immunity. During this hour, we will discuss and practice ways to bring more humor and laughter into your personal life, your relationships, and even your work! Although most participants will not go on to become stand up comediennes, we will share strategies for improving your sense of humor, as well as using laughter to overcome life’s challenges and tough times!

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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Jaimie Lunsford:
"Bipolar Disorder Demystified" 

For those who experience bipolar disorder in any of its forms, life can be a shifting kaleidoscope. At different times they might experience empowering creativity and energy, turbulent disorganization and chaos, or crushing despair and anguish. These highs and lows also impact those who know and love them and can be difficult to comprehend from the outside. In this presentation, Dr. Lunsford will share a helpful framework for understanding this complex condition, including: 1) The different forms of bipolar disorder and how they manifest; 2) Four main mood states in bipolar and how they differ from everyday shifts in experience; and 3) How to support wellness and thriving for those with bipolar diagnoses and their communities. There will be real-life examples and time for questions and discussion.



Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Kristi Webb, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist
"What Makes Change So Hard? (And How to Change Anyway)"



Even when we want to make a change in our life, it can be very hard. Why is that so? Given that we really want something to be different, what gets in the way of our taking the necessary steps? In this session of “Ask a Psychologist”, Dr. Kristi Webb will discuss the obstacles to making even those changes we most desire. She will then describe strategies to overcome those obstacles and get the changes we want.

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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones
"Managing Climate Anxiety"



While COVID did not create climate anxiety, it certainly heightened concern about the environment for many people. This presentation will discuss some of the real mental health issues that have resulted from climate change, and some practical ways to both cope and make an impact on the environment.


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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Annette Perot 
"Loving Someone With Hoarding Disorder"

Hoarding disorder not only affects those with this complex condition, but their loved ones as well.  Many people with hoarding disorder have difficulty recognizing or acknowledging their hoarding issues, or are reluctant to engage in treatment, leaving loved ones feeling frustrated and discouraged. Join me as I share information about hoarding disorder and its impacts on loved ones, tips for self-care, and strategies that can be effective in improving hoarding situations.

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Ask a Psychologist with Dr. Jennifer Franklin
"Regulate the Nervous System and Heal the Gut (Body)"

The talk offers a solid overview of how to work with, not against, your nervous system to promote healing of the gut and body. For patients with IBS, cyclic vomiting syndrome, chronic dyspepsia, chronic constipation, and other digestive or even non-digestive psychophysiologic disorders/chronic pain, Dr. Franklin offers an overview of how to work psychotherapeuticly to help your gut and body to heal

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