A Message from NCPA President, Susan Hill, EdD:

Welcome to the North Carolina Psychological Association!

I am so glad you have made the decision to join your state psychological Association.  You will be very glad you did, too.   We are psychologists from across the state with a wide range of personalities, backgrounds, skills, and interests.  All of us agree, though, that we need a strong and sustainable organization that will advocate for and support psychologists and their patients, clients, and students in North Carolina.  Thank you for joining us and helping us make our Association, your Association, strong.

As a member of NCPA, you get weekly “Monday Minute” updates about the goings-on in our profession, for example about upcoming events, meetings, and trainings.  You might learn about legislative matters that NCPA is monitoring, current issues in the world of healthcare insurance, and actions of NCPA’s board and committees you will want to know about.  You will also have access to networking events and professional development offerings. 

As a Sustainer, additional benefits are access to the NCPA Listserv; our acclaimed newsletter, The North Carolina Psychologist; discounted continuing-education (CE) events; and ethics consultations. 

Investor-level members also receive access to the Online Practice Toolkit, the Advocacy and Practice Committee Insurance SWAT Team, and the Online Referral Directory.

As a Benefactor and Founder, you can place a classified ad and attend a CE workshop using a monetary credit that comes with that level of membership.  As you can see, perks are proportional to the level of membership and dues.  Remember, you can increase your membership level at any time!

NCPA is thinking about and working for you in a multitude of ways in response to the changes in our world and that of our patients, clients, and students.  For example, NCPA has recently created much easier access to continuing-education offerings, making them all virtual and expanding the range of offerings.  We continue to offer our time-honored Fall and Spring conferences as well as risk- management workshops.  The CE Committee has added a “Timely Topics” workshop in the monthly Spring and Lunch Time Learning events.   NCPA has been tracking legislative activity and advocating for and protecting psychologists and their patients, clients, and students where appropriate.  We have also been monitoring and negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of our members.  Recently, we were able to convince Blue Cross/Blue Shield to eliminate its pre-authorization requirement for testing.   These are only a few of NCPA’s activities on your behalf. 

We also want you to be connected to your fellow psychologists.  We offer many opportunities for you to build a network of colleagues across the state by participating in our social and professional-development activities.  And we want you to become involved in the focused work of our wide range of committees and task forces.  Just a few of them are: Colleague Assistance; Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion; Early Career Psychologists; and Legislative, to name just a few.  You would be welcomed if you are interested in getting involved.  Check our website, the “Monday Minute,” and the NCPA newsletter for committee openings and opportunities.  

We are a strong, forward-looking Association.   The Board of Directors is moving NCPA into the 21st century with a vision and mission that provide beacons of light to guide our way forward.  We have an incredibly talented, thoughtful, and capable staff.  We also have amazing volunteers who move psychology forward while supporting psychologists, patients, clients, and students in the here and now. 

As you think about how you want to become involved in your Association, consider joining a committee, taking a continuing-education offering, and attending a social event.  Together we can make sure to “Maintain NCPA’s standing as an authoritative voice for psychology in North Carolina.”

I’m glad you are here.  Thank you for joining, NCPA! 

Susan Hill, Ed.D.