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Lunchtime Learning Ethical Application of Therapy within a Christian World View ­­­­­with Barbara Jean Lowe, PhD, LP, BCC, SEP
Thursday, April 04, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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The practice of ethical psychology within a culturally responsive framework aligned with a Christian worldview necessitates a comprehensive understanding and thoughtful consideration of various components. These include adherence to governing ethics codes and practice acts, recognition of diverse settings and roles, utilization of appropriate tools within different contexts, obtaining informed consent, meticulous documentation, respect for client selfdetermination, awareness of payer contracts, and incorporation of evidence-based practices (APA, 2022; Fisher, 2021). Moreover, a basic comprehension of the Christian worldview, coupled with an appreciation of the unique perspectives of individual clients, is indispensable. Psychotherapists licensed or accredited by governmental bodies must rigorously adhere to ethics codes and practice laws (Fisher, 2021), while also integrating spiritual and religious competencies into their therapeutic approach (Vieten & Scammell, 2015). It is imperative to provide services in a manner that is free from discrimination and to include consultation as an integral part of standard practice (APA, 2022, APA 2007). This session aims to explore these crucial topics, emphasizing a commitment to both intellectual and cultural humility, as well as ethical problem-solving (Davis et al., 2016; Greene-Moton & Minkler, 2020). Furthermore, the discussion will highlight two specific evidence-based applications rooted in a Christian worldview: ACT for Christians (Knabb, 2023; Rosales & Tan, 2016) and Christian integration perspectives on CBT applications (Tan, 2007; Ciarrocchi et al., 2013, 2014; Costa & Moreira-Almeida, 2021). Through this examination, the session seeks to enhance practitioners' ability to navigate the intersection of ethical, cultural, and Christian considerations in the field of psychology.

Contact: Karen Gray - [email protected]